Hapag Bistro Menu | Hapag Bistro Filipino Restaurant

Hapag Bistro

58 Vineyard Ave. Highland NY 12528


Pampaggana (appetizers)

Lumpia (Eggroll) - deep fried eggroll wrapped in thin crepes, paired with a sweet and chili sauce 

Pork (6 pcs), Chicken (6 pcs), Veggie (large 4 pcs)


Lechon Kawali - deep fried pork belly with a sweet dipping sauce called “sarsa ng lechon”.

$18.99 GF

Pansit (Noodles)

Bihon Guisado - stir fried rice noodle dish with chicken and veggies

$16.99 GF

Canton Guisado - stir fried egg noodle dish with chicken and veggies


Bihon-Canton Guisado - stir fried combo of rice noodle & egg noodle dish with chicken and veggies.


Palabok – bigger rice noodles dish with a ground pork sauce like a ragu garnished with smoked fish & boiled eggs


All noodle dish (pansit) have crumbled chicharon but it can be optional

Jollibee-like Style Spaghetti – Filipino Spaghetti sauce with ground beef, grated cheese & Filipino hotdog


Sisig (Sizzling) with plain rice

Pork - sizzling pork belly with chopped green & red bell peppers, onions & chili pepper flakes

$21.99 GF

Bangus - sizzling flaked bangus (milkfish) with chopped green and bell peppers, onions & chili pepper flakes

$21.99 GF

Chicken - sizzling flaked chicken with green and red bell peppers, onions, chili pepper flakes

$21.99 GF

Tofu Sisig – sizzling cubed Tofu which chopped green & red bell peppers, onions, chili pepper flakes

$21.99 GF

Crunchy Pork

Crispy Pata - pork knuckle infused with flavors of onions & peppercorns, deep fried and served with soy-vinegar dip

$24.99 GF

 Silog Series (Meat, Garlic Rice and Fried Egg)

Tapsilog - beef tapa, garlic rice & fried egg


Tosilog - tocino, garlic rice & fried egg

$14.99 GF

Bangsilog - bangus, garlic & fried egg

$14.99 GF

Longsilog - longganisa, garlic rice & fried egg

$14.99 GF 

Adosilog - adobo, garlic rice & fried egg


Lechonsilog – lechon kawali, garlic rice & fried egg

$14.99 GF

Hapag Pinoy Specials

Pork BBQ or Chicken BBQ (2 sticks) with Garlic Rice


Pork Adobo or Chicken Adobo with Plain Rice


Dinuguan pork Blood Stew with Plain Rice


Burger Steak with gravy & mushroom & veggies on the side


Hapag Platter “Salo-Salo 4”

Garlic rice, Veggie lumpia, Chicken BBQ, Pansit, Lechon kawali, Fried Bangus, Longganisa, nilagang (steamed) Okra, Sinigang na Pampano  (worth $136)


Seafood Specials with plain rice

Oystered Calamari sizzling served with onion, red & green bell pepper & mushroom in oyster sauce


Escabeche (Pampano or Red Snapper) fried fish with sweet &sour sauce


Sinigang sa Miso pampano fish soup dish with eggplant, okra, & bokchoy & a distinct sour taste coming from a tamarind fruit then enhanced with miso (bean) paste

$21.99 GF


Squash & Beans - with ginger, bathed in coconut milk


Sweet and Spicy Tofu – sauteed tofu on an oyster & sweet & spicy sauce with onion, asparagus, bell pepper & mushroom.


Tofu Sisig - sizzling cubed tofu with green and red bell peppers, onions & chili pepper flakes

$18.99 GF

Bokchoy & Eggplant - in garlic soy sesame Sauce


Vegetarian Pansit – bihon or canton noodles sauteed with cabbage, carrots & green beans



White Rice


Garlic Rice



Turon – ripened plantain with jack fruit wrapped in thin crepes (4)


Round Leche Flan


Ube Cake


Tres Leches


Ube ice cream (2 scoops)


Special Halo-Halo


Cold Beverages

Coconut Water






Ice Tea (Brisk)


Ice Tea Unsweetened




All Sodas: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale


Bottled water


Warm Beverages

Black Tea, Green Tea, Ginger Lemon








Brewed Coffee


GF = Gluten Free